SwingMaster™ Golf Swing Trainer

Swing Like a Professional Golf Player!

✅Effectively correct and align golf swing posture
✅Increase club head speed & ball speed
✅Adjustable length to fit any arm length
✅Perfect for practice or pre-round range sessions

Achieve Better Scores with Correct Posture

Maintaining good balance throughout every swing is difficult, as all the moving parts -- legs, hands, arms and torso need to work in harmony. 70% of all golfers swings improperly. Introducing SwingMaster™ Golf Swing Trainer, special design and scientific construction that has more weight on the end and a more flexible shaft, which can be a great trainer for your tempo. Achieve the vital combo of wrist hinge, forearm rotation & shoulder turn, adding power & consistency to your game.

Good Habit Made Easier

Many golfers can be swing improperly even they are experienced. With SwingMaster™ Golf Swing Trainer, you can build the proper muscle memory on every swing. It will leave from you when swing improperly. So, this will create better mechanics and instilling correct muscle memory for consistent swing!

Lightweight & portable, our SwingMaster™ Golf Swing Trainer will fit into your sports bag, or golf bag -so you can warm up at home, your hotel room or your office. It is very easy to carry in any place!


Finest Workmanship & Material

Made of very fine materials and workmanship in every detail. Using premium materials such as soft rubber and stainless steel, our golf swing trainer delivers durable quality you can depend on. It can be adjusted to the most suitable length according to your height and needs. It also can adjust from 45 ° to 180 ° to fit your needs.


Product Specification

Material: Stainless steel + rubber + plastic

Weight: 0.45kg

Q: How long is SwingMaster™ Golf Swing Trainer?

A: It has a minimum length of 31.1 inches and maximum length of 43.3 inches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Stephen Gagnon
Golf swing tool

Not overly impressed yet. Only had it a couple of days.

Craig Whatley
My golfers Love it!

It! Golfer says YES to recommend this item. Says it's helpful

Billy wright
Five stars!

Very easy to set up and use.

Tom King
A reasonable good training aid

Cheap price for what it is but it does everything that the sales material says it can do.

Charles Kevin
It will make your backswing perfect!

I am a serious golfer, been playing more than 20 years, this helped me what is back swing and top position of that, I really appreciated it, thanks

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