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EquiSupport™ Chest Band

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Revolutionary chest support for horse riding

✔Reduces Vertical and Lateral Breast Movement

✔Protects from Injury and Ligament Damage

✔Comfortable & Adjustable

✔Wear with Sports Bra


Revolutionary chest support for horse riding

✔Reduces Vertical and Lateral Breast Movement

✔Protects from Injury and Ligament Damage

✔Comfortable & Adjustable

✔Wear with Sports Bra

What Make Us Different

Eliminates bounce while providing support & comfort

If you love to ride horses but hate the pain and embarrassment of having your breasts bounce up and down during movement, then our EquiSupport™ Chest Band is for you. This revolutionary chest band eliminates bounce while providing superior support and comfort for every horse-riding session!

Prevent pain, injury & ligament damage

The EquiSupport™ Chest Band can be worn with your existing sports bra, either underneath or over the top. The sports bra will provide uplift, whilst the chest band provides compression from the top to prevent breast movement. It has been developed with a focus to dramatically reduce vertical and lateral breast movement, preventing pain, injury and ligament damage

Comfortable & adjustable

The adjustable chest band has been produced using quality materials to ensure superior comfort, performance, and fit for all breast sizes. It is also perfect to use for other high-impact activities such as running, gym workouts, and much more.

Customer Reviews

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Denise McCabe

The Breast Band has enabled me to ride in comfort and at speed, which before was not possible. The Breast Band is an essential tool for my passion for horse racing, it provides me with the confidence to ride the fastest race horses without fear of injury or embarrassment.

Just what I need

It is extremely comfortable to wear, and provides amazing support when jumping or galloping; something that I did not experience with my other sports bras.


I love the benefits of this breast support band that was specially designed to help women enjoy horseback riding and eliminate the pain caused by bouncing breasts.

Nice product

I have been using it for a few weeks now and love it. I used to have issues with my breast moving around when I rode, but now they are firmly in place, I can concentrate on what I am doing, not how my boobs are feeling.

Easy and quick to use.

I have been riding for over 20 years and started developing pain in my shoulders. I found the sports bra to be a great help, but after a few years of riding with them, I started to experience breast pain and discomfort. The sports bras had no support for the actual breast tissue.After a bit of research I found this breast support bands and found it more comfortable while riding.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I wear the EquiSupport™ Chest Band?

It has been estimated that during high-impact sports, such as horseback riding, women’s breasts can move up to ten or more centimeters. Therefore, exercising with poorly supported breasts cause pain and sagging.

How do I wear my EquiSupport™ Chest Band?

Place the chest band above the breasts but under the arms. Correct positioning will comfortably compress the breasts and reduce both vertical and lateral movement.

Do I wear EquiSupport™ Chest Band instead of a sports bra?

EquiSupport™ Chest Band can be worn both instead of a sports bra or in addition - this is based on personal comfort and if you wear it with a sports bra we recommend wearing the EquiSupport™ Chest Band above the bra for comfort. Please note, a good sports bra provides breast support and the chest band reduces movement and prevents bounce, worn together they will provide maximum support and comfort.

I’m small-chested, can I still wear the EquiSupport™ Chest Band?

Yes, you still need to prevent breast movement and protect your ligaments.

What size should I get?

Small- Length 70cm/ Upper bust 81-92cm
Medium - Length 77cm/ Upper bust 90-101cm
Large - Length 84cm/ Upper bust 99-115cm
XLarge - Length 91cm/ Upper bust 113-125cm